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Well, that time has come. I’m going to graduate from graduate school! I’m “walking” this Thursday (in a beautiful gown complete with tassel and hood) but technically I finish up my master’s research project in July. So I’m ALMOST done. I’m already getting sentimental about leaving UIC, while at the same time ready to start something new…

It’s been a fun (almost) two years full of illustration, molecules, modeling in 3D, undergraduate science classes, COMPUTERS, friends, good and bad time management, biking around, cheap food, occasional great food at restaurants, exploring the city, concerts (outdoors and indoors), museums, field trips, long distance phone conversations, city rendevous’ and blogging. While most of it has fallen into the realm of “normal,” I’ve done a few ridiculous things while I’ve been in grad school here in Chicago. Let me take a moment to reflect on some of those things. They might give you an idea of of what to avoid while here at UIC, or what to do for fun! (many of the items on this list are specific to my graduate program, but you get the idea.)

Some things you might have found me doing during the past few years…

  • biking with three bags- one with books and computer, one with gym clothes and shoes, and one with food.
  • bringing human bones home on the bus.
  • posting on craig’s list for a nude model.
  • Google imaging certain topics while searching for visual resources for illustrations. For example, Google imaging “obese naked woman” for a reference for a character who has diabetes.
  • drinking and drawing (generally not very effective).
  • walking through a snowstorm.
  • cooking a week’s worth of pasta in one go.
  • baking a week’s worth of cookies in one go, but eating them in two days.
  • telling people I’m a medical illustrator specializing in male anatomy- to see their reaction.
  • dissecting a body and relating all the body parts/tissues to food products.
  • pulling all nighters (occasionally a necessary evil)

Well, I think that’s it… unless you think attending a medical illustration program is IN ITSELF a little ridiculous… which it probably is :) Anyway, I had a good time here and I don’t regret most of the things on this list. If nothing else, they make for a good story…

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About Claire Shapleigh, Biomedical Visualization

Hi, my name is Claire and I'm in my second year of the Biomedical Visualization MS program at UIC. It's a combination of art and science, and it's pretty fun. So far I've dissected a human body and learned how to draw in 2D using a computer AND my hand, and I'm about to learn how to 3D model. Holler at me if you have any questions about the program!

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