Interwebs: we meet again.

I am taking an independent study to redesign my website, WHICH, after taking graphic design and almost completing this masters of biomedical visualization, is looking pretty pitiful right now. Web design was the first class we took, and it was my first time being introduced to writing code, and ya know? the first time for anything can always be a flop. In fact, I have hidden it from people so that no one can ever see it again.

So here are some potential layouts for my redesign. I like having a lot of white space and I like simplicity. These are just rough ideas of course. If you feel strongly about any of them, please comment.

#1. homepage: the blue area would be a cellular landscape, which I have yet to create. But you get the idea.

#2. on this homepage, you could drag and move each category with your mouse, like an interactive sort of thing. then you click on each category to see my portfolio.

still idea #2: if you click on a category, a portfolio slideshow pops up like this. Click the arrow to see the next image.

#3: homepage. It's more of a cute, cartoony feel. The categories would have labels that pop up as you hover over them. Then you click to see the portfolio.

Still brainstorming, but those are my ideas!

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About Claire Shapleigh, Biomedical Visualization

Hi, my name is Claire and I'm in my second year of the Biomedical Visualization MS program at UIC. It's a combination of art and science, and it's pretty fun. So far I've dissected a human body and learned how to draw in 2D using a computer AND my hand, and I'm about to learn how to 3D model. Holler at me if you have any questions about the program!

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5 Responses to Interwebs: we meet again.

  1. fang28 says:

    I love the third choice! So cute. Good luck with making your website! I'm a fan of coding, hehe.

  2. Betsy says:

    I liked the first one because it has more of an adult feel to it.

  3. Claire S says:

    cool, thanks for your input Betsy!

  4. SarahHobson says:

    I had no idea there was a course called Biomedical Visualization sounds pretty interesting. I prefered option 3 of your homepage ideas.