Floating spinning

I came across this guy named Santtu Mustogen when I was browsing the web yesterday. He creates 3D objects and spins them around- it is artwork that cannot be found anywhere but on the internet! The INTER WEB.

here’s his website: http://www.santtumustonen.com/#

It just made me realize how much of what I do in this program (and how much of modern day art) can really only be seen through a computer screen. It’s crazy! Art has for so long been something tangible and view-able from all angles. I guess digital art can be seen by anyone who has a computer, so there’s a new angle that gives it a real advantage. But the aura of the artwork- the “subtly pervasive quality or atmosphere seen as emanating” from the thing (dictionary dot com)- has disappeared.

It’s still beautiful, though. Here is a video of a thumping heart that my friend Hiromi Sogo created: http://vimeo.com/23213188

and her website: http://www.hiromisogo.com/

Pretty amazing.

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About Claire Shapleigh, Biomedical Visualization

Hi, my name is Claire and I'm in my second year of the Biomedical Visualization MS program at UIC. It's a combination of art and science, and it's pretty fun. So far I've dissected a human body and learned how to draw in 2D using a computer AND my hand, and I'm about to learn how to 3D model. Holler at me if you have any questions about the program!

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2 Responses to Floating spinning

  1. fang28 says:

    Wow that is totally awesome.

  2. SarahHobson says:

    the 3d effect works really well, never seen that done other than with pictures.