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I am a third year marketing and international business student with a knack for creating business plans. I dream often of ways to make the human experience far more pleasant and comfortable. The utter bliss that I have towards Marketing and International Business reassures me that this is probably the one job I can do for long hours with little to no compensation( although a little pay isn’t a bad idea). As a kid I would always develop ways to allocate the resources that were at my disposal to effectively and efficiently produce my expected results or greater. Being a marketer is generally associated with being exploiters, however, I intend to change all of that. I might not be able to change the world but I can start by changing the world of one individual for the better.

Summer Awaits

After a long semester of difficult classes I can’t help but think of ways to relax. The first thought that came to mind was to take a vacation somewhere out of the country, or take a long road trip across the country. Although all these two options sound amazing unfortunately/fortunately I decided to take up a few summer classes so that my last semester’s work load won’t be as hard. If I am able to pull this off which I know I can! I will be able to ride my last semester out on only 12 credit hours. That’s not bad at all.

Having only one year before I getting my B.S in Marketing puts life into a whole new perspective, one that I sometimes neglect to think of. Most graduates today find it extremely hard to get jobs in the field they studied in and the ones that do find a job are often time not being compensated adequately for their level of education. This is really scary! Imagine this, you have just invested over 50k in your educational pursuits and the job you end up getting pays you 30k a year, well if you do the math it can take you 4 or 5 years to pay the PRINCIPLE off in full. That’s if you choose to live modestly on about 10-15K a year. Which gives you about 13K after tax. Yes! Some people will disagree with me and say that the average earnings are much higher, and yes it might be for a few industries, (just a scenario). But then again most students have upwards of 50k in debt which would make this salary mediocre in comparison to their initial investment.

The point I am trying to make is that we as students should realize sooner than later the challenges that awaits us after graduation. We will have to compete like never before to secure our livelihood, develop and sustain an economy that potential will alleviate the issues of job placement. It’s a tough challenge and but I am sure we all will figure out a solution to this issue in the next ten years, (P.S this is not a utopian idea, its possible!). With that said, graduating from college is a great accomplishment. An accomplishment that should not be taken lightly, it should serve as a springboard in pushing us towards attaining higher goals.

I think after my summer classes I will take a trip to Jamaica and spend a week or two. With gas prices the continually raising I think it would be more costly to travel across the country than taking a vacation in Jamaica. Wish me luck on my arduous summer journey! Until next time think ethically.

The Bliss of Yesteryear

Over the past 15 plus years I have watched society drastically change; yes I am aware that it has been happening for centuries. However, I choose to speak on that which I had the opportunity to observe. I remember listening to classical music with my parents while my dad held my mother passionately and danced with her until her smiles and laughter got the best of her. I recall times when a house was not a commodity that was easily taken away or traded like stock, but rather a statement of achievement and something to pass down to the grand kids. I remember Sunday dinners with the entire family at our local restaurant “the pelican”, a name iconic within itself. And just like the era of the pink pelican in America so has the evidence of social and family morals dissipated. Our social media has made destroying whatever moral standing left its main priority and so far the culprits seem to be winning.

As I got older I wondered to myself how my father and mother were able to make time for me and my siblings while still being able to work and provide for us. I was fortunate enough to have been graced by an amazing human being, my father, the one who showed me how to tie my shoe laces, the one who corrected me when I was wrong not because he was upset but because he cared . Every day I wonder what life would be like if I did not have the opportunity to share the moments we had together and learn the valuable lessons of that I needed in order to succeed.

I must admit that at times I took for granted the wonderful family I had, being extremely selfish and ignorant. I just pray that I am half as good of a father to my kids when that time comes, “by then I should have already have a college degree amongst other things”. Saturday mornings were by far the most enjoyable day of the week for me.

Keep in mind that Saturday was my play day and I did just that! LOL on an average Saturday I would require no less than two baths, an A.M bath and then a midday bath. This was primarily because I enjoyed playing outside and I’m not taking the average outside like your neighborhood park. The outside of which I speak involves 20 arches of open plush green nature as God intended. I would run through the grass and climb trees (at times I would fall from these trees) and when I got tired went inside for mom’s famous carrot juice. Despite the name its pretty good stuff. After which it was back outside for a small hike with my dad, times were simpler and life seems more forgiving. But as I digress from my reminiscing of days long ago, the point I’m trying to get at is that things have change.

I mean people seem to have lost the true meaning as to why they even exist, or the importance of family. Over time work has become the primary priority and family a high second priority. And quite frankly that’s not the way it’s supposed to be, in my eyes at least. Each morning when I wake up I remind myself of the reasons I am attending college, yes financial security is a key factor but it’s not the only.

Providing an environment where my family can feel at peace and be able to live life to the fullest by achieving self actualization is my main goal. It might sound grandiose but hey where would be all be today if a few individuals from society didn’t have a grandiose ideas. A college education is not only for you, it’s also for the person depending on you. Until next time think ethically.


What a way to relax after taking final examinations!

I wonder what it feels like knowing you are about to get whipped cream smashed in your face.

Pledging better be worth it!

These guys give humility a new definition to humiliation. I wonder whats going through his mind.

The Formula

Over the last couple of days I have been trying to create a list of things I need in order for me to successfully study for finals. So far I have broken them down into three categories. When studying I find it essential to have the availability of food, comfort and someone to verbally regurgitate what you learned to.

Make sure that whatever you decide to ingest will not cause you to become sluggish. Before studying it is best to not consume anything that is either filled with sugar (with the exception of coffee) or starch. Anything with high levels of carbohydrates will drastically reduce your ability to focus. Loosing focus for even a minute can cause you to look over that one important step to solving a problem.

Try to consume little to none of the following:
• Cookies
• Pasta
• Cakes
• White bread
• White rice
Developing a healthy diet will help you to study more effectively, and chances are you probably will remember more of the material you covered while reviewing.

This brings me to the next point. Make sure that wherever you choose to study is comfortable, by this I mean anywhere that makes you feel relaxed, and I mean anywhere. It is always good to try and get as relaxed as possible before and while your studying, but not to the point where you might fall asleep. If you are studying and you find that you are becoming stressed, sleepy or uncomfortable it is best to stop studying and try to relax or regain energy. If you continue studying while feeling these symptoms you will more than likely forget the material you studied during that time period. Stress and sleepiness cause our neurotransmitters to not send and receives messages properly. This factor can drastically reduce the probability of you doing well on an exam.

Lastly, you must see to it that you find someone to talk with about what you have learned. Talking with someone helps you to verbalize your thought process and see where there might be flaws in your interpretation of the course material. If it is a mathematical equation try manipulating the wording of the question and its numbers and see if the process by which you learned to solve it can be applied to the new situation. Hopefully you’ve work hard all year and as of such final examinations will not be as stressful and hard. Until next time think ethically.

Grocery Shopping

Today was the most exhausting day of my life; I had the hardest Finance test ever created by civilized humans. Ok maybe it wasn’t that bad but still it was very stressful. And to add to the existing stress I had to go get groceries. I thought the day was going to get even more morbid but things started to seems as though they were turning around. I got home and guess what!! My new movie from blockbuster arrived! Yes! It’s Colombiana, and yes I know it’s about a year old but still I haven’t seen it, don’t judge.

After getting over the excitement of having a new movie came back to the realization that I need to get groceries. I am the kind of guy that goes into a store and get everything in 15 minutes flat. Why is it that guys use less time in stores when shopping, I think Darwin forgot to proposed that males were predisposed to a single strand of gene that allowed us to zero in on our intended needs, LOL. So to avoid being in “Casa Del Pueblo” for an hour I wrote a list. Mans second best friend.

And then there was more

That bimbo stand looked pretty good to be honest. I miss being a kid sometimes, I remember when I use to eat all I wanted in the store and paid for the empty rappers at checkout, LOL, now people look at me as if I’m crazy.

The deli was by far the most complicated part of my shopping experience, telling the butchers how you wanted your steak fillet or your ground beef is so time consuming, partially because I have to wait to tell them what I want.

So after taking 20 minutes to shop for groceries, thanks to the meat man I was 5 minutes over my long standing grocery shopping record.

Ok I’m finally home, these bags were heavy!

Unpacking is the part of shopping that I despise; I always end up putting bags everywhere and breaking at least one of the eggs.

Even though all that happened I still ended the day on a high note thanks to Colombiana and some mandarin oranges. Until next time think ethically.

Giving a Helping Hand

This past weekend I had a great opportunity to give back to the community by volunteering at the local homeless shelter. At The Pacific Garden Mission I had a chance to realize how ungrateful I had been at times. There where individuals there who had significantly less than I had ever received over my life time, and yet here I was complaining about not being able to take a vacation. Life is hard; there is no doubt to that. However, if we all pitched in every once in a while to help someone in need things can be a little bit better for those in need. It is not what you do it is how you do it.

Making Salads For Dinner

Until next time think Ethically.

My Fun Lazy Spring Break

This week was by far the most difficult week of my semester, not because of hard classes but because of adjustment issues. Coming off of a week’s vacation is one of the most challenging tasks. I mean come on, you went a whole week just waking up whenever you please, (that’s if you didn’t have a job to tend to) and eating as irregularly as one possibly could. Not to mention catching up on all of your favorite TV episodes you’ve been TIVO-ing since the start of the spring semester. And if your spring break was anything like mine you probably didn’t get to your home work until the Sunday before classes started back up. Before you judge me just know I do not support procrastination.

What was weird was that I didn’t know what to do with my time once spring break had begun; I walked around in a daze for about 3 hours thinking to myself “wow I didn’t realize how much time was in a day”. To break my daze I did something productive, I went out and bought an Xbox and got the new Battlefield 3. Man! That game is amazing! I take my hat off to the creators of the game. So needless to say I played my entire day away. What topped that whole experience off was some good food; I bought some chicken wings, bread sticks, pizza and a 2 liter. This was amazing! And surprisingly I didn’t clog my artery with my entire grease intake.

After my daze wore off I realized that there wasn’t enough time in a day to play battle field! I then proceeded to enjoy my spring break by watching some Family Guy and South Park; yes I know it can be offensive at times. What can I say it amuses me! The best part of my week long vacation was that I had a chance to think and streamline the way did my school work. Over all my spring break was amazing and filled with soul searching. Until next time Think Logically (which clearly I did very little of over the break)

The Foundation of Individuality

The foundation of Individuality

The social fiber on which we exist is build up of many norms that some of us hold as true while others refute these claims. Social norms have always been a part of the American social culture. It has help people to buy more of one type of thing opposed to the other, and even the ways in which one should raise their child. Norms have sculpted this society in the past present and future. Even from the “pink flamingoes” popularity, to energy saving cars skyrocketing into demand.

We have all attached ourselves to different norms that make us who we are. Norms are believed due to the lack of our own personal knowledge and experience. If we were born with all the information we needed we would not depend on anyone.Thus we would not follow the norms that were passed down. Our parents are usually the savior or culprit behind why we believe the things we believe.Their experience in life has helped them to attach themselves to these norms and even ones taught to them by their parents as well.

Their experience has helped them to determine what is important and what is not. Even though these moral norms have been instilled by family, it is also possible that most have been reinforced due to the workings of the church’s teachings.The church has provided a basis for the social script. This social script has helped to guide people in making decision about everyday living. Things such asbeing nice to people, the way we respect our parents, and the significant instanding firm to ones beliefs.

I have always been told how to speak, think, eat, run, play, read and write. Anything you name I can probably attest to being told how to do it. One major norm that my family passed down from generations is the keen lesson in walking in your parents’ footsteps. To walk in ones parents’ footstep is the easiest way to avoid unforgiving mishaps and hurts. My dad once told me that the best way to become a better person quickly is to take notes from the person who messed up before.

This I believe is one of the most important norms of society and for me, this is important to me due to the fact that I am the first to attend college. Being the first to Attened College is not something that came easy to me, I am the youngest of three and all the mistakes and wrong moves my siblings made are the markers that guided me to this point. That is why I strongly believe that following these social norms are extremely helpful. We have all at some point become patrons of this accumulated knowledge. Some might argue that one should have total free will and complete control over his or her life, but thanks to the norms we have inherited many of us have come to make the right choices.

The debate over whether or not the norm of following what is been told, is an even bigger concept from the in herited traits that got us humans this far, the ability to reason. Because we have listened to the advices and dictation passed on from generation to generation we are able to make keen choices which allowed for great strides ahead. New ways of thinking and new ways of living, now I ask you is this so wrong? These norms are things I live by and find no fault with. The norms we live by help to protect us, for example, telling a child who cannot swim to stay away from water unattended. This norm of safety can be very well the key componentin saving this Childs life.

Another norm which I have grown accustomed to is that of treating a woman with respect. I was always told that no matter how a woman talks to you or treat you she still deserves respect. This was one ofthe social scripts that I found myself deeply attached to, mostly because I had sisters. I always thought that if I were able to give a woman respect in the manner that I was taught then hopefully it would come back to my sisters. It would come back in the sense that some other guy would treat then with the same or hopefully more respect. “Respect can go a long ways”, that’s what my father use to tell me, I never understood why until about five years ago. Respect shows people appreciation and gratitude, it makes them feel elated. Is it just about being elated? No, it’s much more than that. I believe in reciprocity and this social script has not only in my opinion returned good favor to me but hasalso help me to help others.

Respect and traditional keepings go hand in hand to me, because it has allowed me to become a better person in general. I am by no means saying that for the rest of my life I will be doing as told, at some point in everyone’s life they have to make a choice. One must make the choice rather to follow a path that has been proven good or to deviate. It is even encouraged in taking something good and making it even better. Each norm in our precious society has helped to shape who we have become and are becoming. It is through this process we find out our true identity. My experiences have not only made me grateful for the norms taught to me, but it also pushes me to become an advocate.

Norms benefits me as an individual who is now legally his own keeper, by helping me to have learned from my parents mistakes and to make my life much easier. These social scripts have helped to make living just a bit contented, if it were not for norms then there would be no order and the same things would keep reoccurring.

However, abiding by the sovereign norms of your family does not totally paint the picture of who you are. The average American follows the typical norms of society. Things such as man to woman marriage,college degree, getting a house, getting a car and the way one should talk. It is through norms that we gain our own self identity.

Career VS. Family

It is quite fascinating to wake up each morning not knowing what the day holds for you. Very often one might optimistically view the coming hours as one filled achievements, at least something worthwhile. Being a marketing student has made me more focused and driven towards my career goals. However, it is imperative to realize that it is not always about work, some allotted time must be shared with the family. Although I strongly believe that with a successful career I will be able to not only support and foster a family while also being a positive role model.

Many times you hear negative connotation about a workaholic but not often do you hear the second hand benefits that working hard produces. Benefits such as a well fed family and ample supply of resources to help others in need, a little philanthropy if you want to call it. I remind myself daily of the various struggles and obstacles that I encountered growing up due to the lack of sufficient funds, and I use these memories as a drive to achieve more than my predecessors. This done in no way shape or form to belittle or condescend on the hard work that my parents have put in thus far, it serves only as a reminder of what I need to accomplish. Securing an honorable and honest career will help to provide a life map to my nieces and nephew, not necessarily coercing them to be like me but to show them that it can be done.

One of the most important lesson I have learned about career choices is that enjoy doing what you do for a living and the money will follow, so that’s the reason I took up marketing. Marketing is an extension my personality, always trying to find the underlying causes to peoples’ reaction and measuring how to sway them into doing what I want them to do. Some might call it manipulative but in essence is marketing at its simplest form the only difference is I am not always selling something. I was once told that a college education is a good thing but a specific marketable skill is much more valuable. I encourage everyone who has the time to search for that one thing they do well which has great value to society and build on it.

Auto Show 2012

If Batman was thinking straight he would have had this SV as his Bat-mobile. I would!

Now this is what I call a Show stopper. I wonder what my high school mates would think of me if i pulled up in this at our 10 year school reunion. lol i will put this on my list of petty things to do before i'm 30.

I was thinking, if i buy a F1 car I would be justified in telling my friends I have no

 extra room for rides. lol jk

I wish i could drive home in this car. I wonder why they build cars that top 200 MPH but the speed limit is 55


I wonder what it would be like to get stuck in a tight parking spot with this beautful machine.

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