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I am a senior and an acclaimed workaholic. While I like to keep busy academically, I really enjoy the simple pleasures of hanging out with friends and family, playing video games, or listening to music. When life seems to go well, allergies and eczema like to butt in and make me miserable. I hope to go into medicine so that I can have a better understanding of skin and the immune system to help myself, and to also help others facing the same problems I have faced since I was three.

It won’t stop

There are many times that I wish for a break, like post-graduation type of break (but with a duration of forever, so more like paradise than a break). At the same time, I don’t think it’d be as rewarding than what I am doing now. If the only purpose is to treat myself, count me out. I just can’t. I’ve already been taken care of a plenty when I was a little kid scrambling for my mom to help me with just about everything regarding health. As for the brain work, I’d look to my brother while he played all his video games and did amazing on every standardized exam. My dad is my fish-loving outlet and artistic experience.

Post-finals Dinner

My boyfriend made the most amazing dinner for me! I haven't been eating out for the past month, and for good reason (I like to know what's going in my food in case I have an allergy reaction). Chicken, rice, broccoli and some cream of mushroom soup poured onto the rice. Yummy! Just what I need.

So, what have I got planned? Well, right after I had my last final exam Thursday, I went to work at Rush from 5pm-2am, and then the next day I had my research paper due for BIOS 323 (Molecular Biology Lab) and thank GOODNESS I finished that earlier in the week because I could not get up until 11am, by which then I was scrambling to place my text and figures in the template my instructor wanted us to have. Luckily I have the user-friendly Word (not the new one…I really don’t like Windows 8 related-stuff, but there’s no way I’m ever getting a Mac!). I’ll stick with my 5-year-old netbook for the coming year…maybe if I go to medical school I’ll get something with more power (and I am still proud to say my little Dell netbook can run Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop with ease and happiness). That same day I turned in my paper, I worked another 5pm-2am shift (more like 5pm-3am because I did not get out on time!). The weekend following, I just recovered from minimal sleep and then got back on track with cleaning my room.

What to do with all of these notes and exams? Well, here’s the most common answer:

  1. Toss it in the recycling bin. If you think the material is useless, or if you think it’s something you could just Google in the future…more likely than not you’re going to toss it (in the recycling bin yeah yeah?). I do this for notes that I don’t think I’ll ever really need, and if I do I’ll just look it up.
  2. Store it in a box/container for be forever cherished (haha…)I always keep my exams, quizzes and homework (as evidence for my work in a class, if ever I need to prove so…or for papers that I’m really proud of and got good comments). I usually have my notes in binders, so I just stick the entire binder containing everything into a box or container…it’s like a time capsule! To enjoy or not to enjoy for the future…
  3. Let someone borrow your stuff, or you can sell it. I’m not a fan of selling, but when I think about how much they can help someone succeed…I resort to letting people borrow my stuff. I don’t want to make money off of it, although that’s probably the most economic and beneficial. Meh! You all do what you want to do. (:
Organizing Notes

I was busy cleaning up my stacks of paper and binders full of information from my classes this past weekend. It was frustrating at first, but man do I love a clean and organized room! The less clutter, the better! Time to vacuum...

Anyway, what’s up for this winter break? DING DING DING! Restudying for that MCAT! I signed up for March 22, which is the first day of spring break. I hope I don’t have to move it, so I really need to be diligent about this. I am also going to be working at Rush literally the whole week of Christmas, and the rest of the time that I have (which is 50% or more) is dedicated to research! After taking molecular biology lab, I really appreciate research even more and want to be as in-depth as I can with what I’ve been working on the past three-four years in the lab. I am excited to be completing my Honors Capstone and presenting it at the UIC Forum (and other places) in the spring! :D I always wanted to present, but they always held it during class time (and I really hate missing class…).

Beyond all that, I hope to brush up on my Polish and work on planning events for my pre-medical club. I’m also helping to start the first Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Research Journal at UIC! If anyone is interested, feel free to hit me up.

I hope I can go back home for Christmas, but we’ll see! I can’t believe I’m going to submit my intent to graduate soon (unless all of my professors decide to fail me, then maybe not LOL). For those who are thinking about graduating early (even two years early), think deeply about it. This is probably the only time you can study what you want to and make your own schedule. Beyond college, you’ll be on a tumbling wheel that won’t ever stop.

(Did I mention I am really digging “It Won’t Stop” by Sevyn Streeter featuring Chris Brown?) LOVE!

Upgrade to beast mode

I had my third lecture exam for anatomy and physiology this past Friday and it was the first time in a long time I “prepped” over the course of the week rather than cramming it all in my brain the day before. While it was nice keeping that pace, I felt like I was more effective cramming than I was taking it day-by-day. Perhaps I really don’t have much space in my short-term memory to keep what I knew only a few days ago, and even though I review it, I only get to do so in the evening when I’m dead tired from my day! I wake up around 7am or 8 am to get to my part-time jobs or classes and then stay out on campus until maybe 5-6pm, which then I come back to shower, eat a little bit and suddenly it’s 7-8pm and I probably study well until 10pm when I’m deciding in the back of my head “hey maybe I should go brush my teeth and sleep soon…”

My normal answer/instinct to that is “NO. NEED TO STUDY.” But, that only kicks in the day before an exam…so not having to do that for this one as an “experiment” (this is not at all the time to experiment, please freshmen, figure out how you best study before you enter your sophomore year) made me neglect studying the night before my exam (I studied, but not beast mode study) like I normally do (and now I regret it). I decided to sleep the night early before the exam just so I could have a good brain to use in the morning (but clearly depriving my brain of sleep makes it work well, to a point). I figured waking up early to study would be sufficient, but I definitely couldn’t get out of my nice warm bed to the cold air that awaited me. Winter is not a fun time to take exams.

And hey, this is what finals week is about–seeing if you really learned anything (regardless of material because people forget that until they’ve been exposed in 15 different ways, or so they say). Even though I inherently knew that I could push myself more, I decided to sleep and hope for the best. Note to self: NEVER HOPE FOR THE BEST. Prepare for the worst (and that’s how we succeed). When it comes to this competitive scene in academia, making yourself adaptable to conditions and creating every mechanism possible to ensure your safety is crucial to success. Pessimism is actually a good thing (because it motivates you more). While most people are motivated by the positives, I’d say inherently we’re motivated by the negatives. “If I don’t do this, then this, this and this will happen” (or the opposite: If I do this, then this, this and this will happen).

Where my psychology majors at? You’ve got some explainin’ to do.

Good luck UIC! This fall semester is basically over. You can be happy that you survived and happy that you’ll be alive to survive the next one. (:

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Christmas songs keep on playing in my head! It’s not a bad thing, though. Fall/Winter are my favorite seasons, mainly because of all of the holidays that are jam-packed into them. In the spring, there’s spring break, but that is more like catch-up to school time. This past Thanksgiving break was super short, as always. I still don’t get why the other U of I schools get a week off and we only get two days, but whatever. I’m sure it evens out some way or another…

Christmas at Rush Hospital

I'm working on Christmas Day at the hospital and while I may be missing a part of the festivities, it'll be good to work on this day. Rush sure has some nice decorations!

Prospects of this semester? I’d say I am for sure getting a B in Foods class, assuming there’s no curve. He has a set point scale that he sticks to, but I don’t know who is getting an A in that course because his exams are surprisingly specific and detailed (and even reading the book doesn’t help). Eh, it’ll be fine.

My other classes…I am hoping to miraculously do well in Nutrition During the Life cycle (got B’s on first two exams I think) final, then maybe I’ll get an A. I don’t really know how I’m doing since the grades aren’t totally up or scaled correctly. I am greatly crossing my fingers for anatomy and physiology to be good to me (that’s 5 credit hours!) as well as molecular biology laboratory. I really like both of those classes. My nutrition classes are usually enjoyable, but I think being around all of the dietetics people this semester has made me shy away from doing well as I should be (sucks to be the loner!).

Well, just one more week and we’re all done with another semester at UIC. This semester, while insanely fast-paced, was quite accomplishing. I got to do a lot of work that helped others and enforced my will to pursue a career in medicine. It is exhausting to keep learning, but if we don’t then we’ll never get better or move on to where we could be in life. I don’t think we can be perfect (because what’s the point in life if we were all perfect?), but we can be pretty darn close to it (Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, anyone?).

Quick tips on studying/cramming:

  1. Re-write or re-type all of your notes. Once you’ve created your “study guides” in a nice manner, study like your life depends on it. Read it front to back so you know everything on it.
  2. Record yourself reading your notes or listen to lecture capture (assuming you have it for your class). Sometimes lecture captures take too long to listen, so my advice is to study your own notes and clarify some things you wrote down by watching the lecture capture. If that doesn’t help, there’s still time to see your professors/TAs or visit help centers like the writing center, science learning center or math tutoring (Honors College tutoring as well).
  3. Do practice exams problems every chance you get (if given). Just like studying for a standardized exam, the only way you’ll get better or understand what is being tested is to take the exam itself and find your weaknesses. Don’t just take the exam or do practice problems though. You have to analyze the crap of your mistakes and hammer down those concepts! This is the best way to study by far.

Happy studying. We’ll reach Nirvana soon!

Without home, six weeks

I remember conducting group work at the Writing Center and one student told me he wished the university worked harder to make him feel less home sick, especially for the first year of college. I thought back to my first year and didn’t even bother with thinking about home when I was busy exploring the city and diligently studying for my classes (that was quite an enjoyable year). It was sophomore year and beyond that I really wanted to be home as much as possible. I remember I used to go home almost every weekend; my roommate would go too! Yet, for more than one month now, I have not been home (neither has she). I am terribly homesick, and I know the full extent of what the student was talking about.

Sometimes we’re just so focused with school that we forget about family, or not that we forget them but we trust that they’re okay and do our best with the situation at hand. It’s when you start to get those texts from your mom, then your dad, then your brother that you start to feel inclined to go home because they miss you and you miss them. Even though I suspected this semester to be like this, I didn’t anticipate how little time I had for myself and school work. My job at Rush has been wonderful, but it eats up a lot of time that could have been used to get me those A’s that I wanted on those midterm exams. Now, I’m scrambling and buckling down to study (of course, how can that happen when the holidays are nearing and all I want to do is relax?).

Well, I shouldn’t complain. There are people working on Thanksgiving and Christmas, weekends and weeknights that want to be home too. I don’t even know how much they depend on this lifestyle to sustain their living expenses, but it’s what needs to be done to stay alive. There are people around the world who probably would trade places in a heartbeat with anyone in this university. So, be thankful for what you have and know that you are in a better place, no matter how tough you perceive your struggles to be.

Also, if you haven’t started your Super Saiyan studying mode yet, PLEASE DO! Next week is basically pre-finals week for me (paper due, presentation to prepare for, two exams and another paper). My actual finals week isn’t too bad, just two exams (but I’m sure anatomy and physiology and nutrition during the life cycle will be tough so I’ll need to go hard core!).

Man, one more semester to go and then I’m going to graduate! It’s going to be great. :D

Regrets made and conquered

I have many friends who tell me they wish they can start over their college career, starting with freshman year and up. They wish they didn’t socialize as much or tried harder in their classes since they have to “pay back” now for their past mistakes. But I see who they are now and they are so much more motivated than they were before. It’s true; it would have been nice to have that motivation from the start — but would you have learned anything from college? What are we here for if we are without these “failed” experiences? Sure, I could have rushed and gotten the heck out of here in two years if I wanted to. I could have saved $60,000 and have less debt than I do now (I’m sure other people have it worse). Sure, my parents say I shouldn’t pursue such a difficult path of medicine or work 10 million part-time jobs, but I’m happy when I do so. It’s not at all easy for me (it’s a ton of stress actually), but I see this path as a route for my personal growth in being able to make interpersonal relationships with others and finding the bigger meanings in life that drive us to do what it is that we do.

Red-Orange Tint on Sears Tower and UIC

I was waiting for the UIC Intracampus bus to get to my job at Rush and thought this was so pretty! The sun was shining and reflecting back the city's skyline. Can't wait for us all to get covered in snow (we already had a glimpse of that but not enough...I better get boots soon).

My evaluation of this semester is interesting. I know it’s not over, but I can predict at this point how things will turn out. I’m pretty good at guessing my future responses when someone asks me what I would do if such and such happened, and here are some things I’ve learned about myself.

  1. I’m stubborn. I’ve always been stubborn, but this type of stubborn is like irrational stubborn. I will literally refuse to put myself before others when asked for help. I just can’t stand saying no to someone. I know I’ve gotten better with this over the years from getting taken advantaged of so many times, but man it still eats me up inside knowing that someone needs my help specifically! Why am I always the go-to person?
  2. I consciously recognize I have way too much on my plate. But I subconsciously know that I can handle it, which is why I have not quit anything this semester. I’ll lose some sleep, but luckily I’m still young and can handle it. I know once I graduate I’m going on a crazy health-freak mode with a regiment of exercise and good dieting (gotta work those cooking skills in).
  3. I love my family so much. I hate thinking about the awful relationship I had with my parents in the past. My relationship with my brother has always been good too, but it’s different now that we’re older and have to worry about finding jobs and being on our own feet. I’m glad I prepared myself for that and have a job post-graduation (unless they fire me, haha…)…but for those who have not had any work experience during college, I can’t imagine how they will find a job with just a degree (and hopefully a good GPA but who knows). Remember, getting a degree does NOT guarantee you will have a job straight out of college (or rather, a job that you actually want to pursue). So, if that’s all you think about, maybe change your plans because there’s more to college than that diploma!
  4. I’m easily annoyed (but I won’t show it). The beauty of being tolerable is that you won’t ever have a problem with someone. The problem with that is the whole “internalizing” your emotions that’ll give me a peptic ulcer somehow (heh, I hope not, totally false information here). Whoever started the Asian stereotype of labeling us as “quiet” or “pushovers,” you have no idea of the rage we can bring. Give one of us a voice and we’ll use it. But, not many people think about our opinions (feel free to chime in your opinion) or consider them, so what’s the point. I’m just babbling here.

The more I’ve been working at the ER, I notice how much more of a doctor I sound and act. It’s kind of awesome, and I’m looking forward to the learning process in this upcoming year (and the next 12 years). I don’t care how long it takes (just please make it possible for me to have food on the table and stable shelter with privacy. I need those few days off with Pandora playing my favorite songs and emails to reply to asking how people are, haha).

As Ariana Grande once said (and something I said as a youngin’ too), in 10 years now, all of this won’t even matter to you. Let the little things (the past mainly) go, and focus on your bright future ahead.

Things I am looking forward to in one month

Even though people dread finals, I actually find a lot of excitement in preparation for those exams. Instead of thinking, “oh snap, I only got one week to learn everything from this semester,” I’m thinking, “here’s my chance to show the instructor how freaking brilliant I am (or crazy dumb but hardworking).” The only time I’ve ever bombed a final was when I had the flu and got into some crazy argument with someone close to me (who is not so close to me anymore, but it’s cool) the night before those two exams. You can probably read it in one of my earlier blogs, heh heh. I sure was full of range and naive back then!

Please, everyone, start your preparation one month before finals (It’s actually better if you start your studying on the first day of class, but who does that?). As much as I love to cram, it doesn’t work for everyone. It takes a lot of patience and perseverance to cram and not everyone has that the night before the exam since they’re freaking out (as is expected). I stress and freak out too, but when you start to think about your goals and motivations and why you are even taking the time to go to college, it puts more perspective on what you strive to be and purpose in your education.

On another note, don’t be intimidated by others who are clearly excelling by their stressing. It’s really common to talk to someone about an exam or quiz, but the intention of doing so is usually to compare yourself with them and that can either boost your performance or weaken it a lot. I’m a bit wishy-washy when it comes to doing well or bad in class. I tend to underestimate “easy” classes and overestimate “hard” classes, so when I see myself doing well in a hard class I start to ease off on the studying (which makes me dip halfway through the semester and then I depend on the final to pull me up), and then when I start doing poor in an easy class I start to study a lot more (usually to do awesome but for this one Foods class I am taking…not so much!). I just want A’s in my science classes and I’ll be happy honestly.

So, I made a tough decision about my classes next semester. I deeply wanted to take the classes I had in mind (anatomy 2, biochem 2, polish 2, genetics lab), but that would have been 16 credit hours (not including research, and I was considering taking biology colloquium because I heard it rocks) and I would still be limited in the hours I put into research and my four other part-time jobs, in addition to the extra-curricular activities that I am a part of (did I mention MCAT studying?). I mentioned this in a blog post earlier but after picking up my MCAT books and restudying for everything again (slowly but surely), I felt that I needed to construct my priority list once more to focus on what it was I needed to keep in my for my last semester at UIC for undergrad.

My parents suggested that I should only take the class that I need to graduate, which would just be genetics lab (I pushed it off for far too long, haha!). They think I should focus only on studying for the MCAT, which is true, but that would be such a pointless semester! I want to take classes that I probably won’t get to take in medical school or have a chance to do until then. I also don’t think I would get financial aid for being part-time so that’d be another burned hole in my pocket. I discussed with a lot of friends and advisors, and clearly no one thinks I should take Polish. Even Polish people don’t think I should, lol!

But I talked to my roommate about it and she told me if I really wanted to take Polish, then I should! She definitely doesn’t think I should take 16 credit hours with all of my other obligations that I love to do/be a part of, so she suggested dropping biochemistry 2. After a quick thought, I instantly knew what was right! When she told me “well, it’s your last semester at UIC…you should enjoy it and do what you want,” I was set on taking Polish like I planned to since last year. My mood has been really upbeat since these decisions, even though I am super tired all the time with the late shifts I have at my scribing job at Rush. I just need to eat bananas and I’ll be good to go, haha! I think I only wanted to take biochemistry 2 to be challenged, but I heard the instructor was very monotone and boring (and that the class is insanely hard and you just memorize like a mad man). I’ll save it for medical school; after all, it’s not like they offer Polish language in medical school.

Live it up UIC! Undergraduate studies is a great place to explore what you love (and don’t love). I sure wish I got to experience even more, but I am happy with my path and can’t wait for next semester to be at my most fullest potential. If you’re not interested in school, well, at least you’ve got Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years to look forward to. 2014, here we come!

Talk to me, talk to me

I cannot stress enough how important communication is in practically any setting. While there are some things I may agree that conversation does not need to take place in order for something to get done, I think that can only happen if communication about that situation already had taken place. So, how can we all communicate better and be appreciative about it?

Well, I think it starts with seeing who else is affected by the communication in the first place. Sometimes we’re stuck on our own bubble and got our own things to worry about that we kind of blow off each other with no signs of why. And man that hurts! The people who are affected by that one person gets KILLED, whether it be at work, at social outings, or school.

This works on both sides. While the person might not be doing their job well, perhaps, it is also the person who notices this and feels hurt by this to speak up, not to wait around for the other person to suddenly realize how much harm they are doing (because they might not ever notice). No one wins like that.

These conversations are difficult to start, mainly because they are truly confrontational in nature. I feel that a lot of people are scared of confronting or being confronted, but if we all don’t express our voices in a nonjudgmental environment, then we’ll continue to see situations through one scope or perspective. We can try and run, but the tension and unease will catch up.

Sorry to sound like I am ranting! I am like many of you with a tight schedule and trying to make ends meet by studying hard in school and juggling part-time jobs and other extra-curricular activities. It is unfriendly to all of us who receive news last minute, for example, about something as important as the three things I mentioned just now. Even waiting on an email, say, about a job offer, is a big deal, especially if the company said they’d contact you last week and didn’t! Surely we can all pitch in what we are thinking about, knowing that someone else really needs to receive this “intel” because it DOES affect them greatly.

Can we ever find peace? I always wondered what it must be like to be a judge. You want to hear both sides of the story, but if one person is over powering the other it gets kind of frustrating, and you know how people love to exaggerate or twist the truth! Not sure how many of you plan on going to law school and working ten years to later become a judge, but if you do I applaud your efforts and hope that you can make the difference that this world needs in enforcing good communication among peers, colleagues and all.


I got an email about registration for spring 2014 and I got all excited about it (registering for classes is so fun!). It used to be stressful to register because all you ever want is the perfect schedule that you have all planned out until suddenly you realize the day that you register the class is full! So, word of advice — be prepared.

So, what am I going to take, along with my MCAT re-studying?

  1. Biochemistry II
  2. Anatomy and Physiology II
  3. Genetics Laboratory
  4. Polish 102

If I had to rank the difficulty based on what I have heard from my peers, it sounds like from hard to easy it goes Biochemistry II > Anatomy and Physiology II > Polish 102 >>> Genetics Laboratory. Let’s hope I survive these insane courses! I want to prepare myself for medical school as much as possible (I wouldn’t want to go in and not have at least some familiarity with the course load).

This semester has been tough balancing everything, but I can’t stop because I enjoy everything so much! I am definitely going to take more time dedicated to research in the spring since I have to complete my Capstone, and I want to pump out that data I collected this past summer when I vibrated mice, hehe.

Halloween is tomorrow! I used to be a fan but eh, not a fan of terror. Stay safe and scream!

Turning 21

I went to Seasons 52 for my pre-birthday celebration with my cousins, brother and boyfriend. It was coincidentally the Grand Opening the night we had reserved! The whole experience in the restaurant is great and if you have not gone before, you should really check it out! I received flowers that were HUGE from the staff and a cute card and memorandum (they took a group picture for us and printed it right in the restaurant…and stuck it in a frame!). The food was delicious, especially dessert! (:

Quail x3

My cousin ordered quail for dinner, lol! I did not know they even had that at Season's 52. The menu always changes each season so I guess I'm not surprised. I greatly enjoyed my chicken and veggies, hehe.

Belgian Chocolate Rocky Road Birthday Dessert

Belgian Chocolate Rocky Road Birthday Dessert (The most amazing delicious thing ever).

The piano man was great too. He played “Roar” by Katy Perry and “1000 Miles” by Vanessa Carlton (the guy’s accent was great). It reminded me of the movie “White Chicks,” hehe. I went home with my brother and boyfriend afterward and got to see my parents and the great gifts they received from my boyfriend since he just came back from Hong Kong after being there five months to see his parents. Apparently he and my brother went to the Chicago Fashion Outlets in Rosemont the day before to get me gifts, so I was quite surprised to see what I came home to! I always forget you get gifts on your birthday…(you can tell I don’t celebrate it too often besides with cake). My brother got me these pretty grey-and-purple Nike shoes and then my boyfriend got me a purse from Tori Burch (he won’t tell me the price but I’ll get it out of him, then think of a more brilliant gift once his birthday rolls around…I better save up).


My new purse!

I don't wear purses that often, but it sure is weird wearing your backpack and a suit to an interview! I took my "lady" purse (as my mom calls it) the day I had my Fulbright interview when I wore my suit, but it could have matched better. I didn't want to wear my backpack because that would look really odd and unprofessional (I guess). I absolutely love this gift! It's so simple and is very fitting for me. ^_^

I got to start my MCAT restudying and play some Grand Theft Auto 5 (I’m terrible but the story is sooo good). I wanted to accomplish more out of my weekend, but I don’t get to go home that often with my new job and other responsibilities so I figure I deserve a break!

Seasons 52 Flowers

These were the flowers that Seasons 52 gave me for my birthday during the night of their grand opening! Aren't they beautiful? Flowers are my favorite! They look so happy.

Speaking of my job, I have been working this week like crazy since I got to take my birthday weekend off. I am going MWF 5pm-2am this whole week! >__< I am not awake for my TR 9am classes, lol! Oh well, it’s pretty exciting to work in the ER. It’s just tiring because I stand and sit a lot and my eyes strain from the computer screen…but still enjoyable that I don’t really think about being tired or hungry during that time. (:


All right, this puppy has got to sleep! Anatomy and physiology exam 2 is coming up…and selection of next semester’s classes too! EEP. Can’t believe it. @_@

Okay, NOW I’m going to go work…peace out UIC.

Just hold on, we’re going home

We’re in our eighth week, so that means we’re halfway through the semester and half a semester closer to graduation! :D

UIC Medical School Fall Tree Blend

The best part of fall is when the leaves change colors. What's even better? Leaves displaying an ombre pattern, crawling up the UIC Medical School building. Beautiful, eh?

Feeling pressure? I probably do, but I try to suppress it with a million activities so I never have to think about it. The stress looms, but hey I got my flu shot at the UIC Pharmacy (man do I love Campus Care) so at least I’ve got one less thing to worry about.

I have literally been at the Writing Center every single day working on my Fulbright application. I can’t believe I started working on this right after I submitted my AMCAS application (and later withdrew because I want to retake my MCAT and build a stronger application). So, it’s been like what, three months?! Putting together AMCAS was a lot of work too, but I don’t think it was as much as I have been for this Fulbright application (and that means I am going to start working on my AMCAS application 2015 materials so that it’ll be spectacular when I submit in June!). I have gone through like 10 million drafts and worked with various writing center tutors to make this thing rock. The most help I have received was actually from a previous Fulbright winner and who is currently in his second year at UIC’s medical school (funny dude I might add, and that I worked with him my freshman year when I started doing research).

Classes are going well so far. Work is too. Hmm…what is there to look forward to this month…aha! My birthday. :D I don’t even have any plans yet but I know I want to go home and spend it with my family! Hopefully my skin clears up before then so I can take decent pictures and show you what I end up doing. I’ll be sure to get my grandma too…she’s so silly, and she’s 90! Ha ha ha.

All right, time to go silent mode (like a ninja!). I need to clear my head because I know I have to start implementing my MCAT schedule and you know what that was like last semester…(pain to my brain, yet thrilling at the same time).

Peace! <><


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