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Stress eating

Hello UIC!

As most of you are probably approaching midterms week, I’m sure many of you can identify with stress eating. I have been thoroughly preparing for 5 exams next week and I’m really not sure how I am going to score well on all 5. Additionally, I have pulled an all-nighter a few of the days this week and it has actually impaired my decision making. A few days ago, I spent about $50 on Italian food and got it delivered to my apartment. I ordered from Leona’s, an Italian restaurant in Little Italy on Taylor Street. The place is small, but it sure has probably the most delicious Italian food I have ever tasted! I’m not sure what made me make such an irrational decision about spending so much money, but the food lasted about 3 days. I shared some with my roommates as well.

On my study breaks, I also have been eating a lot. I think if I packed healthier snacks, I wouldn’t have a problem with this stress eating business. I actually ran out of food in my fridge and haven’t had time to go out and actually buy anything. It’s nice and convenient having Target and Dominick’s nearby, though!

Did you guys know Transformers 4 was shooting scenes at the Roosevelt Collection last weekend? I actually stumbled in a scene by mistake and was an “extra!” I am going to definitely see that movie and see if they got me in the scene. I think that would be so cool! I didn’t really like any of the Transformers movies past the first one, but now this will give me a good excuse to go see it!

Hope you all are managing your time wisely and best of luck on your midterms! Prepare well!

Wedding festivities!

Hello UIC!

These first few weeks have definitely flown by! Can you believe it’s already a month into classes? These few weeks have definitely got me thinking where all the time has disappeared and how much time management is crucial for success. I find myself always doing something whether it’s working out or looking at class notes. Not a single minute goes to waste during the day.

I’m also excited about my new research position I got this summer at the College of Medicine- studying Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine. My independent project is going to consist of brain tissue imaging and neural stem cell research. So exciting! I’m hopefully also getting published this December under a master’s student who works in the lab! I’m temporarily helping him with his project doing mice wound samples so I can get properly trained from my independent project.

I attended my cousin’s wedding last weekend, which was just beautiful. It was the first time I actually had the opportunity to partake in a surprise flash mob! The friends of the bride and groom planned out a surprise flash mob for them! I always thought of marriage not only between two people, but two families as well. It was so amazing to see both sides of the family as one, and how proud the parents of the bride were (since I was from the bride’s side). I was so excited to be able to wear an expensive dress I bought from India when I went with my family. I can’t wait until the next wedding in my family!

Back in school mode

Hello UIC!

Do you find it difficult to switch gears in life sometimes? I think after a summer of hard work and dedication toward a certain goal you get so used to the living style. And we tend to forget how to get back into “study” mode.

I am so swamped this semester with classes, research and my EMT course. I finally decided to apply for the EMT course offered at UIC. It’s about 8 hours/week of class time aside from practicals, but it’s well worth it. I’ve been procrastinating on getting EMT certified since high school. I can’t wait to work as an EMT over the summers.

Last week, I spent almost every break of mine studying for my anatomy class. It’s so overwhelming! I haven’t figured out a way to study all the bones, ligaments and their structures and functions yet. There’s just so much! I’ll have to split up the work and take it a little day by day. I went to Caribou Coffee for 8 hours and memorized a week’s worth of structures. It’s odd because I have trouble trying to study at the same place every day. I need a new spot to study every day that is quiet. I enjoy my solitude.

Hope you all had a wonderful start to the semester!

Time Flying By?

Hello UIC!

Is it just me or does it feel like summer basically flew by? It’s been a busy four months of summer. It almost feels like the busier I get, the more quickly the days go by. I have been working in two labs, one of which I left because it was only a temporary job in the Physics Department. That job gave me a chance to test out labs for the new lab component added to the lecture for the course Physics 116. It was a lot of fun and I definitely was a great review for the Physics section on the MCAT!

Hope you all enjoy the last week of summer! Classes will be in session soon!


The Power of Consciousness

Hello UIC!

It wasn’t until recently that I started reading more about the secrets of the universe and to be more specific, the power of consciousness. I went on a spiritual retreat about a month ago in Texas, where I was in the presence of a spiritual healer from India. He explained that every thought emits a vibration and that vibration matches frequencies that attracts things to you. Additionally, the cells  in our body have their own “mind,” meaning they are self-sufficient and are capable of producing the thoughts we emit into the universe. If one is depressed, the cells feel depressed; similarly, if one is happy and in a state of bliss, the cells are in a state of bliss.

Genuinely interested in this theory, I looked it up online and found so much scientific proof that this is indeed, legitimate. I read about a scientist who studied cell culture. Whenever he put a cell in a hostile environment, the cells became adapted to the hostile environment and eventually became hostile themselves. Another thing I found out was that most of our actions are completed from the subconscious. Our mind works 93% from the subconscious and about 7% from the conscious. People rarely think about their intentions these days. Most of it is a very selfish attitude and people are unaware of their thoughts.

Deepak Chopra, a renowned author, doctor and spiritual guide, has written many books on this. One that I am currently reading is called Super Brain, which is such a great read if anyone is interested in learning more about consciousness or spirituality. I would highly recommend it.

So my challenge for everyone is to change your perception so you can change your reality. See every obstacle as an opportunity, and treat others with kindness, respect and dignity.

Hope everyone is having a fun and safe summer!


Summer Working Out

Hello UIC!

Hope you are all having a wonderful summer! At the start of summer, I made sure I got a membership at a gym nearby since I want to achieve my fitness goal by September. I’m using the summer to learn to eat healthier and work out for a healthier heart. I started out running outside and on the treadmill and doing arm workouts with weights.

Apart from being in the gym, I actually started making fruit smoothies with protein shake in them. Since I am vegetarian, it’s more difficult to get my protein in so I started eating cottage cheese and more beans in my diet.

Hopefully I can meet my goal by the end of the summer!

This is the pool at the gym I go to. It's amazing! Swimming is one of the top three exercises since it minimizes joint impact.


Hello UIC!

It feels so good being out of school. I spent a few days just for myself, reading and downloading music. This summer is going to be dedicated to studying and taking a few classes. I also joined a new gym, which I will be going to religiously. This past semester has taken not only a mental toll, but a physical toll as well. I wish I had made time to work out, but taking 18 credit hours was killer.

I hope this summer I can work toward what I want and focus. It’s difficult to find motivation to work out, especially when all I want to do is sleep and catch up on TV shows.

Hope you all have a wonderful summer! Stay safe!

Finally done…

Hello UIC!

It feels so nice to finally be done with the semester! The spring semester always flies by quicker than fall semester. I hope finals went well for everyone. I wish I had spaced out my timing for studying better. I had five finals to take all in a three-day span. Finals week is always the worst week of the semester. We are forced to fill in all the semester’s learning for one test in each of your classes. It’s just so insane!

This summer is going to be pretty productive for me. I’m going to be studying for the MCATs, working out and working on research at the College of Medicine. I am considering taking a class at UIC, but haven’t decided which class yet. I also thought about deactivating my Facebook since it’s easy to get distracted on there. But I figured I might as well learn a little self control and delete the app off my phone and not stay logged in on my laptop.

I hope everyone’s summer will be filled with fun festivities, and please stay safe!

Become a critical thinker

Hello UIC!

We are almost done with this semester! It’s really scary to think how much time flies by in college. We find ourselves so immersed in in our lives that we tend to forget that each moment we spend is so precious. I think college helped me realize how important time management is.

Apart from that, learning to become a critical thinker is probably one of the most important things to master after receiving a bachelor’s degree. It’s imperative to understand why people think the way they do and why people say the things they say. I think after taking an anthropology course, I learned how important it is to understand why people think the way they do and why they behave the way they do. Although I needed this anthropology course in order to complete one of my last gen ed classes, I learned more than I expected.

I hope everyone studies hard for their final exams! Summer is almost here! Push through this last week of the semester!

Grand Lux Cafe!

Hey UIC!

So I spent this week writing a 10-page paper for my philosophy class. I was having  serious writer’s block and it completely sucked! I went to Caribou Coffee, which is located conveniently right outside Marie Robinson Hall and I sat down for eight straight hours working on my paper! I realized I cannot write for long periods of time, but in intervals.

It was my roommate Katherine’s and my friend Jeremy’s 20th birthday so a group of friends and I celebrated at Grand Lux Cafe! It’s such a beautiful restaurant. I remember my older cousins taking me there when I was younger. Their red velvet cake was unbelievably delicious!

Red velvet cake!


I hope finals studying is going well! I have yet to start. I think it’s time I switch gears to actually preparing for finals. The end of the semester is only a few weeks away! Hang in there, UIC!

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