The Power of Consciousness

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It wasn’t until recently that I started reading more about the secrets of the universe and to be more specific, the power of consciousness. I went on a spiritual retreat about a month ago in Texas, where I was in the presence of a spiritual healer from India. He explained that every thought emits a vibration and that vibration matches frequencies that attracts things to you. Additionally, the cells  in our body have their own “mind,” meaning they are self-sufficient and are capable of producing the thoughts we emit into the universe. If one is depressed, the cells feel depressed; similarly, if one is happy and in a state of bliss, the cells are in a state of bliss.

Genuinely interested in this theory, I looked it up online and found so much scientific proof that this is indeed, legitimate. I read about a scientist who studied cell culture. Whenever he put a cell in a hostile environment, the cells became adapted to the hostile environment and eventually became hostile themselves. Another thing I found out was that most of our actions are completed from the subconscious. Our mind works 93% from the subconscious and about 7% from the conscious. People rarely think about their intentions these days. Most of it is a very selfish attitude and people are unaware of their thoughts.

Deepak Chopra, a renowned author, doctor and spiritual guide, has written many books on this. One that I am currently reading is called Super Brain, which is such a great read if anyone is interested in learning more about consciousness or spirituality. I would highly recommend it.

So my challenge for everyone is to change your perception so you can change your reality. See every obstacle as an opportunity, and treat others with kindness, respect and dignity.

Hope everyone is having a fun and safe summer!


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