Stress eating

Hello UIC!

As most of you are probably approaching midterms week, I’m sure many of you can identify with stress eating. I have been thoroughly preparing for 5 exams next week and I’m really not sure how I am going to score well on all 5. Additionally, I have pulled an all-nighter a few of the days this week and it has actually impaired my decision making. A few days ago, I spent about $50 on Italian food and got it delivered to my apartment. I ordered from Leona’s, an Italian restaurant in Little Italy on Taylor Street. The place is small, but it sure has probably the most delicious Italian food I have ever tasted! I’m not sure what made me make such an irrational decision about spending so much money, but the food lasted about 3 days. I shared some with my roommates as well.

On my study breaks, I also have been eating a lot. I think if I packed healthier snacks, I wouldn’t have a problem with this stress eating business. I actually ran out of food in my fridge and haven’t had time to go out and actually buy anything. It’s nice and convenient having Target and Dominick’s nearby, though!

Did you guys know Transformers 4 was shooting scenes at the Roosevelt Collection last weekend? I actually stumbled in a scene by mistake and was an “extra!” I am going to definitely see that movie and see if they got me in the scene. I think that would be so cool! I didn’t really like any of the Transformers movies past the first one, but now this will give me a good excuse to go see it!

Hope you all are managing your time wisely and best of luck on your midterms! Prepare well!

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