Grand Lux Cafe!

Hey UIC!

So I spent this week writing a 10-page paper for my philosophy class. I was having  serious writer’s block and it completely sucked! I went to Caribou Coffee, which is located conveniently right outside Marie Robinson Hall and I sat down for eight straight hours working on my paper! I realized I cannot write for long periods of time, but in intervals.

It was my roommate Katherine’s and my friend Jeremy’s 20th birthday so a group of friends and I celebrated at Grand Lux Cafe! It’s such a beautiful restaurant. I remember my older cousins taking me there when I was younger. Their red velvet cake was unbelievably delicious!

Red velvet cake!


I hope finals studying is going well! I have yet to start. I think it’s time I switch gears to actually preparing for finals. The end of the semester is only a few weeks away! Hang in there, UIC!

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