Finally done…

Hello UIC!

It feels so nice to finally be done with the semester! The spring semester always flies by quicker than fall semester. I hope finals went well for everyone. I wish I had spaced out my timing for studying better. I had five finals to take all in a three-day span. Finals week is always the worst week of the semester. We are forced to fill in all the semester’s learning for one test in each of your classes. It’s just so insane!

This summer is going to be pretty productive for me. I’m going to be studying for the MCATs, working out and working on research at the College of Medicine. I am considering taking a class at UIC, but haven’t decided which class yet. I also thought about deactivating my Facebook since it’s easy to get distracted on there. But I figured I might as well learn a little self control and delete the app off my phone and not stay logged in on my laptop.

I hope everyone’s summer will be filled with fun festivities, and please stay safe!

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