Become a critical thinker

Hello UIC!

We are almost done with this semester! It’s really scary to think how much time flies by in college. We find ourselves so immersed in in our lives that we tend to forget that each moment we spend is so precious. I think college helped me realize how important time management is.

Apart from that, learning to become a critical thinker is probably one of the most important things to master after receiving a bachelor’s degree. It’s imperative to understand why people think the way they do and why people say the things they say. I think after taking an anthropology course, I learned how important it is to understand why people think the way they do and why they behave the way they do. Although I needed this anthropology course in order to complete one of my last gen ed classes, I learned more than I expected.

I hope everyone studies hard for their final exams! Summer is almost here! Push through this last week of the semester!

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