Back in school mode

Hello UIC!

Do you find it difficult to switch gears in life sometimes? I think after a summer of hard work and dedication toward a certain goal you get so used to the living style. And we tend to forget how to get back into “study” mode.

I am so swamped this semester with classes, research and my EMT course. I finally decided to apply for the EMT course offered at UIC. It’s about 8 hours/week of class time aside from practicals, but it’s well worth it. I’ve been procrastinating on getting EMT certified since high school. I can’t wait to work as an EMT over the summers.

Last week, I spent almost every break of mine studying for my anatomy class. It’s so overwhelming! I haven’t figured out a way to study all the bones, ligaments and their structures and functions yet. There’s just so much! I’ll have to split up the work and take it a little day by day. I went to Caribou Coffee for 8 hours and memorized a week’s worth of structures. It’s odd because I have trouble trying to study at the same place every day. I need a new spot to study every day that is quiet. I enjoy my solitude.

Hope you all had a wonderful start to the semester!

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